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5E Mothers Questions!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

“Why are we taking photos of each meal and uploading them to Google drive?”

I have seen hundreds of different nutrition programs doing macros; measuring and weighing foods! One of the number one complaints of these style programs is that it is too time consuming for busy lives. They don’t know how to do it and they have to educate themselves on how too! Taking photos of your food allows me to see the portion sizes and what’s on your plate! This approach is much more realistic and helps you build accountable and responsible eating habits. You simply snap a picture and upload it; it's that simple! It also helps you to be honest with not just me, but yourself as well. Typically, the first month we focus on clean eating and putting more food in our body that has a better nutritional value. Doing this will help fuel us for our day.

As you upload, I will write comments and suggest adjustments to your portions and options! This can be easily tracked over the month by saving your posts. The ultimate goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable eating healthy. I will teach you how to make great eating choices at home and while you’re out!

What sets this program apart from others?

This is such a great question! There are so many programs out there for weight loss; what makes my program any different? It is different because my program isn’t just a weight-loss program. It's a healthy living lifestyle program. I have incorporated a few different things that set my program apart. You will learn meditation, take stress assessments, photos of food for responsibility and documentation, direct communication for accountability, and questions to keep learning Qigong. I have added all this to my program because I want this to be a lifestyle not a fad. I want you to take all the principles you learn and use them for the rest of your healthy life; without me! That is the whole point of my program. You don’t need to worry about falling back to old habits, because those unhealthy habits are gone. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I will teach you all the steps to keep you moving forward with all the tools you need to live a healthier life for the rest of your life!

What if I don’t reach my goals?

If you don’t reach your goals there are only 2 reasons why. One, you cheated on the plan or two, you broke/bent the rules. It is as simple as that, but… do not fear! Everyone who has completed this program and given 100 percent has reached their goals! They are happy with their new lifestyles! The fact is this, no one can guarantee weight loss or muscle gain. They do not know you and if you’re being honest with not just the trainer, but yourself. I like to give regular stress assessments and get to know you. Learning more about you can help curve the potential failure as much as humanly possible! Stay true to the program, yourself, and your trainer and results will come!

I have a large family, a few children and a partner that are not going to change or eat like me. How do I deal with this?

This can be a long answer so I’ll do my best to keep it short and get straight to the point!

The answer is everyone needs to support you! PERIOD. This is one of the core values of family and friendship! Let everyone know not to tempt you, not to peer pressure you to eat a slice of pizza or just drink one glass of wine with me, or binge on fast food… let everyone know your new lifestyle changes. SET THOSE BOUNDARIES! You ask them for their support in your journey. Everyone around you, even your coworkers need to respect these changes! A lot of my clients tell me about people bringing in donuts, Chick Fil A, or some layer dip too high in calories for you to eat, then sit all day and work… fight the urges, be prepared with a healthy snack, and properly hydrate!

Let’s be realistic here, you are going to eat out, order in and eat things that aren't 100 percent clean and healthy. This is life! We have to live, but with your new lifestyle you will have a new respect for clean eating versus processed junk. You will be able to make better choices with limited options. The goal is moderation. If you have that donut only eat a quarter of it and give the rest away. If you have that pizza or Chinese, don't eat the entire order in one sitting. Make sure it’s not an every week/weekend ritual. This is what will set you apart and what sets this program apart! It’s being realistic, while meeting our goals!

The output.

Working out twice a day is essential! The first workout should be the program, get that body moving, blood flowing, and your mind balanced. The second workout should be in nature. Take a walk outside, go on a hike, play with your kids in the backyard. Do something outside! Yes, even if it’s raining or snowing you can find an activity to keep you busy for half an hour!

Keep up the good work!



"We offer classes for everyone."

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